First CDMX 2024 debate takes place between ‘hats’ and ‘popcorn’: What proposals were there? TERMAN WEBSITE

The candidates who participated in the first CDMX debate focused much of their time on launching accusations and criticisms, although there was also space to present their projects.

(Photo: Clara Brugada Press)

March 17, 2024 | 22:08 pm hrs

Like the Linares Cadets song: ‘There is nothing new’. As expected, the first CDMX 2024 debate passed between ‘hats’, accusations and a candidate asking for attention.

As expected, the two candidates who lead the preferences, Clara Brugada and Santiago Taboada , engaged in attacking each other in each of their interventions, while Salomón Chertorivski, from Movimiento Ciudadano, focused on his proposals, one attack or another subtle to his opponents and a ‘stitch’ with a bag of popcorn.

It was the candidate of the orange party himself who warned that the debate would take place in the midst of ‘hatred’ between Clara Brugada, whom he accused of thinking that everything is fine, and Santiago Taboada, whom he said was on the apocalyptic side because they see everything. wrong, which is why he brought his bag of popcorn to see the show.

Regarding the attacks, the candidate of Sigamos Hazando Historia in CDMX accused the PAN member, former mayor of Benito Juárez, of leading the so-called ‘Real Estate Cartel’ , and accused him of being part of a group that only thinks about business and benefiting from it. themselves.

“This city is strong and standing, it has hope and optimism, you lost the business of the Real Estate Cartel, tons of cement fell on the Metro, your candidacy is falling apart, how can you not let it fall?” the shame of being from ‘Alito’ Moreno’s party,” said Brugada.

Meanwhile, Taboada insisted that the Morena government has not produced results in the capital and that Brugada in Iztapalapa did not resolve the demarcation problems.


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