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All Roads Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire sets the stage for more Ghostbusters TERMAN WEBSITE

Fortunately, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire has a more definitive ending than Ghostbusters: Afterlife . In that movie two generations of Ghostbusters finally defeated Gozer, but then it just… ended. Several end credits scenes are shown something completely new and now we finally see that payoff. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire once again has an end credits scene that provides a …

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New movie theaters to see The Boy and the Heron TERMAN WEBSITE

Vértigo Films expands thelist of cinemasthat will once again screen The Boy and the Heron . Thus, the distributor is relaunching Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film in50 theatersspread across30 citiesfollowing its win at the Oscar forbest animated film.   This is the  second  Oscar  for Japanese animation and for Hayao Miyazaki and  Studio Ghibli , who already won this award in 2003 for …

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